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Our commitment is based on a production which only has premium quality as a main focus. A production, that allows to professionally link two different working processes: the purely artisanal with the merely mechanical production.

A high quality olive oil is the result of it, following simple, though rigorous and indispensable rules coming from the valuable experiences of different generations – from the work on the groves and in the oil mill – , combined with the implementation of state-of-the art and innovative technology.

Only meticulous monitoring of every single productive step, from the tree to the packing, the way the oil introduces to public, allows us to present you such an excellent product.

Dalmedio Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been created for the discerning consumer with high expectations:  may he or she be a Sybarite, a culinary expert or someone with a weakness for lovely tasting food. In any case, it reaches persons who are health conscious about what they eat and expect their food to be of high quality.

Dalmedio EVOO is available in limited batches and requires diligent educational and informational service to the public. That’s why Dalmedio avoids the common channels of mass distribution as well as wholesalers and rather chooses the direct way to the consumer, the high restoration and boutique-retail shops with a premium range of products, in order to establish with each of them a very personal relationship.

Finally, the consumer will be guaranteed the same product-price everywhere, even in the shop on this website, where you can easily handle your order – also if it is only a single 500ml-bottle - and without additional costs in order to get it right to your premises.

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